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When it comes to building a successful social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, the most important thing is to understand which kind of plugins you want to use on your website.


social networking builder plugins

With the help of modern technology, it has become highly convenient to add various features to the website to make it an interesting and engaging platform for your users. Since the worldwide covid-19 pandemic began in early 2020, many have tried to create a successful social media platform for a long-time community that can potentially bring revenue to the website. With the help of these plugins, a lot of people turned their online communities, e-commerce platforms, blogs, and other websites into fully functional social media platforms.

In this article, we will take you through some of the best social networking builder plugins to use on WordPress. So let’s begin!

Here are some of the best social networking builder plugins:

1. BuddyPress

Social Networking Builder

BuddyPress is a social media builder WordPress plugin that allows you to start any kind of social networking platform. With over 200,000 active installs, BuddyPress proves to be the most used social media plugin for WordPress. It has a free version available for installation, but it also offers a premium version with added features to make your website more efficient. Here are some of the key features of both free and premium versions of BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Add-ons (Free):

  • Activity Link Preview: This allows you to generate a preview of links with images, titles, and descriptions.
  • Post From Anywhere: This feature enables you to post updates from anywhere on your website by using a simple shortcode.
  • Modify member directory and profile header: This lets you select and display important profile fields on a single member’s profile header and member directory.
  • Activity Bump: This enables you to bump the most recent activity right at the top of your newsfeed.
  • Lock-Private Community: This helps you lock down certain components of BuddyPress so they won’t be accessed publicly.
  • Activity FIlter: This allows you to display customized activity fields on your website.
  • Favorite Notification: This feature provides live notifications to the members whenever someone likes their content.
  • Create Group types: BuddyPress enables you to create various group types on your website based on the interests and preferences of the members.
  • Social Share: this allows the users to share various post updates on their social media accounts.

BuddyPress Addons (Premium):

  • A friend and Follow Suggestion: This plugin allows you to add the friends and followers suggestion feature just like any other social media platform.
  • Giphy: BuddyPress is compatible with Giphy, which allows you to add gifs to your posts, comments, and messages.
  • Sticky Post: This allows the users to pin specific posts site-wide on the activity feed or in a particular group where all members can see the pinned post.
  • Quotes: BuddyPress premium allows your users to create content with attractive background colors or images.
  • Status: As the name suggests, this allows your users to post status updates in the form of text or media, and give their reaction to all the activity updates.
  • Pools: This allows the users to create polls with multiple options in the activity feed or a particular group.
  • Profanity: This lets you ban a list of bad words to control the content in your community.

If you want to download BuddyPress, click here.

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2. PeepSo

Social Networking Builder

PeepSo is another free WordPress plugin that is highly popular for its super-light and attractive interface. It comes with several features like customizable user profiles, widgets, and configuration. It provides an elegant and clean look to user profiles, offers unlimited color options, and multiple member & group header layouts to make your website highly engaging.

Key Features:

  • WCFM Addon: The WCFM addon on PeepSo enables you to sell your products on your social media website.
  • Activity Bump: This feature allows you to push the recently liked or commented activity to the top of your newsfeed.
  • Activity Social Share: This allows the members of your website to share posts and content on their personal social media accounts.
  • WooCommerce integration: PeepSo can integrate with WooCommerce to display WooCommerce tabs on the member’s profile page.
  • LearnDash Integration: With the help of LearnDash, you can turn your social media community into a learning platform for all your members.
  • bbPress integration: You can also integrate bbPress with PeepSo to add a forum on your PeepSo social networking website.

If you want to download PeepSo, click here.

3. BuddyBoss platform

BuddyBoss is a free social media builder WordPress plugin built by the BuddyPress founders and is available for free downloads. With the support of almost all addons from the BuddyPress plugin, BuddyBoss offers an easy way of creating a social networking website for beginners.

Key Features:

  • Member Profile: BuddyBoss offers fully customizable member profiles with custom profile types, custom profile fields, and profile permissions and rules to ensure the security of your members.
  • Social Groups: BuddyBoss allows you to create social communities with an option of keeping them private or public, based on the preference of the creator. Just like any other social networking platform, members can invite others, choose a moderator, and manage group activity for constant engagement.
  • Forum Discussions: BuddyBoss also enables you to create various discussion forums to motivate the members of the group to interact with each other.
  • Zoom Integration: BuddyBoss has a Zoom integration that allows the members of the group to host video meetings. You can also schedule classes in an educational group and basically turn your social networking website into an online learning platform.
  • Friends Private messaging: As the name suggests, this feature allows the members to add other members as friends and initiate a conversation by sending private messages to each other.
  • Notifications: This adds a notification tab on the newsfeed where members get notified when someone likes or comments on their posts.

4. WP Symposium Pro

WP Symposium Pro
Social Networking Builder

WP Symposium Pro is yet another WordPress plugin that can be used to create a social networking website. It offers all the features of various successful social networking websites like Facebook or Reddit.

Key Features:

  • Activity Feed: This plugin allows you to create an activity feed for the members of your website with extensive features like sharing text and media posts, keep track of favorite activity posts, website link previews, and much more.
  • Profile Settings: Wp Symposium Pro offers excellent profile settings for your members like customized profile settings, customized profile extensions, adding image galleries
  • Forum Discussions: This plugin also comes with some great settings for forum discussions like adding media files and documents, forum search, personalized forum signatures for members, custom fields for new forum posts or replies, and much more.
  • Groups: Members can also create groups with people of shared interests. Group settings include creating public or private groups, default group membership for new users, banning the use of certain words to maintain control over the group, etc.
  • Private messages: With this plugin, you can also create a private messaging feature on your social networking website. Members can also start a private message box with multiple recipients, set up mail alerts, show YouTube video when URL is included, and more.

If you want to download WP Symposium Pro, click here.

While all the plugins mentioned above are sufficient to meet all your needs for creating a social networking website, you may also want to look at some of the best social networking themes to make your website more attractive and engaging. Here are some of the themes you may want to consider while creating your website:

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5. BuddyX

Social Networking Builder

BuddyX is a WordPress theme made exclusively for BuddyPress users. If you are considering BuddyPress for your website, this may be the most ideal theme for social networking purposes. With features like drag-and-drop layout, contact form builder, sidebar generator, blogs, portfolios, and much more, your website can get a more aesthetic look while also giving your exclusive features.

Reign BuddyPress Theme

Reign BuddyPress theme is a WordPress theme that comes with features such as various typography options and theme skins, community widgets, unlimited color choices, multiple header variations, blog page layouts, and many more. It is highly responsive and easily customizable for beginners.

Reign PeepSo Theme

Reign PeepSo theme is another popular WordPress theme with a ton of features to make your website highly engaging. It includes features such as a highly responsive layout, buttons for activity posts, attractive activity feeds, a powerful admin area, and a lot more.

Conclusion on social networking builder plugin

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When it comes to creating social networking websites, WordPress offers the easiest methods to create a website from the scratch, even for beginners. With the help of plugins like BuddyPress, PeepSo, and BuddyBoss you can create a fully functional social networking website with all the features you desire. Moreover, with the help of highly functional themes like BuddyX and Reign your website can look attractive, as well as serve all the features of a successful social networking website. With the support of some plugins, you can even enable you to turn your social networking website into an eCommerce website or a learning platform. This is why most website creators consider plugins to be the soul of a website.

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