Build an Airbnb-like listings website with GeoDirectory and Reign

When you are traveling outside your city, the first and foremost thing you wish for is a homelike place to stay. Hotels are not always an answer as they do not give you a homely place to stay as well as sometimes charge exorbitant rates for a night. Therefore, websites like Airbnb have made it easier for travelers all over the globe to stay in a home, eat home-cooked food and more. Since its inception, Airbnb has become a hugely popular website and app that allows travelers to save money on trips by living locally and meeting hospitable people.



listings Website With GeoDirectory

Airbnb is really popular and currently, there is not much competition for it in the market. Therefore, creating a website like Airbnb can be a really beneficial proposition if you are planning to earn money by hosting people. For this, you can simply create a website like Airbnb for your business. So, let’s take a look at how can one create a website like Airbnb with a popular platform like WordPress.

An Overview on Airbnb

Today, Airbnb considers itself as a peer-to-peer marketplace offering accommodation-letting service where it connects people who are looking for accommodation with people who want to earn money by letting their own private spaces. Airbnb works on guests (travelers) and hosts a mechanism where hosts offer their space in exchange for some money to guests. Admins are also assigned who make sure that all the interactions between the host and guest go without any disruption.

Airbnb works in the following manner:
1. Hosts sign up on the website and list their spaces
2. Guests browse the website and book spaces that suit their needs and budget
3. Admins inform hosts about the bookings
4. Guests pay the rent for space.
5. Guests check-in and check out the location
6. Guests can provide ratings and reviews for their stays.

Core features of an Airbnb-like listing website

Let us now discuss the features that a website like Airbnb offers:

1. Authorization:

This feature becomes important as it ensures the privacy and safety of both parties. This feature offers both hosts and guests to sign up and provide their details such as names and email addresses of both guests and hosts to start using the platform. It also offers a social media login feature where users can quickly login via their Google or Facebook accounts easily.

2. Host Listing Page:

Host Listing Page

The host listing feature provided by the platform allows hosts to easily manage their listings. A host can update information with the help of searching and sorting across multiple listing in one place. A host can search his listings by name, location, etc.

3. Accommodation Search:

An accommodation search feature allows travelers to choose their accommodation with the help of a convenient search functionality where it allows the user to select a place from dropbox, set their check-in and check-out date and the number of guests. It then shows the results according to the search. It also shows filters such as Work Trip, Type of place, price, instant book and other filters for a more simplified search.

4. Geolocation Feature

listings Website With GeoDirectory
listings Website With GeoDirectory

Geolocation Feature allows guests to easily find the location of places by offering an interactive map. This map appears with the destinations and the price on each destination tag which makes it convenient for the guests to search for destinations.

5. Accommodation view

Accomodotion view
listings Website With GeoDirectory

The accommodation view page provides guests with detailed information on a particular accommodation along with price, host info, amenities offered, images, reviews and other details of the place. Travelers can also see the accommodation from different angles for all the details.

6. Payments

For handling all the payment, a payment gateway is offered by the platform that handles all the transactions arising between the host and guest. Guests can pay using credit/debit cards or PayPal. Moreover, allows the host to withdraw money without much effort.

7. Messaging

One amazing feature that Airbnb offers is its own messaging system. With the help of private messaging, a guest can discuss all the details of booking directly from the messaging system.

8. Review And Rating System

reviews and ratings airbnb
listings Website With GeoDirectory

With the help of this feature, guests can express their views on spaces. They can review and rate the particular host so that it becomes easy for other travelers to make the right decision about the quality of their accommodation.

How to make a site like Airbnb?

So if you are looking to create a website like Airbnb, we would suggest you go with WordPress Content Management System as this CMS is so far the most popular CMS to create websites of all niches. It is open-source and offers features to help you create a fully-functional website like Airbnb.
For getting started with WordPress, you will firstly need a domain name, a WordPress hosting account and a WordPress website to get started with your home listing website. You can choose a hosting provider from various WordPress hosting providers who offer hostings at affordable rates. Your hosting provider will provide you with a domain name, hosting account and will also install WordPress on your hosting account.

So, now you have a basic WordPress install setup. let us move forward with giving your website the needed functionality ad design.

Install A Required WordPress Plugin

WordPress Geodirectory plugin
listings Website With GeoDirectory

Once your WordPress install is done, you will be required to add the needed functionality to your website. For this, you will install the WordPress Geodirectory plugin.
This plugin is free of cost and if you are planning to extend its features, you can purchase its add-ons. Grodirectory plugin offers features to convert your existing WordPress site into a fully functional listing website.

Features of this plugin include:

1. Create a local directory based on a single location or multiple locations. The multiple location feature is offered via its MultiLocation premium add-on.

2. Visitors can also submit their listings anonymously with the help of a front end form which can be edited using a form builder.

3. You can also add any custom field and choose from 40 field types. Furthermore, to extend the search functionality to custom fields, an Advanced Search premium add-on can be used.

4. The plugin also offers built-in forms for allowing your users to add reviews and ratings. For multiple ratings, you can purchase its premium addon.

5. Your guests can filter listings by listings by rating, reviews, proximity, date, zip code or location. You can also search by user location by using a premium addon.

6. 5. Create unlimited categories with ajax-loading custom markers. It also offers a flexible Google Map Widget. So you can display a map anywhere on your site.

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Install A Compatible WordPress Theme

listings Website With GeoDirectory
listings Website With GeoDirectory

you will be required to install a theme that offers you the needed design to get a listing website like Airbnb. We would suggest you try Reign Geodirectory theme which offers features to create a fully-featured listing website of your own.
This theme is compatible with various WordPress plugins such as Geodirectory plugin, WooCommerce, Pain Membership Pro, EDD, BuddyPress and more. To add to this, Reign offers detailed documentation and multiple options to customize the look of the theme without having to indulge in any coding.

Let us know what features make this theme a suitable choice for creating a home-listing website.

1. Support For Paid Listings:

Bookings and listings are the most important feature of a website like Airbnb. Reign directory theme, allows you to create and add a listing and listing types and also categorize listing. Furthermore, with extended compatibility with plugins like WP Job Manager and WooCommerce plugin, you can also do the following:

1. Create and Earn from Featured Listing
2. Sell products via listings
3. Create Bookable Listings
4. Create Listing Packages and more.

2. Integration With Geodirectory Plugin

Reign Geodirectory Theme is fully compatible with Geodirectory free plugin and its premium add ons. As mentioned above, the Geodirectory plugin provides you features to turn your website into a lightning-fast global business directory website.

3. Integration With WooCommerce

Creating a website like Airbnb also requires receiving payments, setting up bookable products or any other money-making options. Even if you do not want to create an online shop, you can use this plugin to add the integration to a plethora of payment gateways. Furthermore, you can use WooCommerce add-ons such as WooCommerce Bookings to set up your bookable rooms and rentals.

4. Advanced Search Options

Airbnb offers an incredible and extensive search option. Similarly, the Reign theme also offers somewhat similar search options where you can allow your users to search based on different categories and filters.

5. A Responsive Design

The exceptional user interface that Airbnb provides also works seamlessly on mobile devices. And you will get a similar experience with Reign Theme as well as this theme offers a responsive design that works flawlessly on any device.

6. Support For BuddyPress

Airbnb also offers messaging options to guests and hosts. You can also do so with the Reign theme as it offers support for BuddyPress plugin which allows you to create a social community of your own. You can simply turn off all the features and just offer a private messaging feature to your site members.

7. Dedicated Inner Pages:

Reign Directory Theme also offers dedicated demo pages such as the listing pages, accommodation view pages, search pages, etc. for Geodirectory plugin which you can simply import with one-click install. You can also create your own layouts by way of Elementor Page builder which is fully supported by the theme.

8. Google Maps

GeoDirectory allows integrating Google Maps to show the precise business location and to create unlimited categories with ajax-loading custom markers.

Other features of this theme include:
1. One-click Demo Install
2. Easy Customization Options
3. 1000+ Theme Options
4. RTL Supported and more.

You can simply purchase this theme from here and upload it on your WordPress website. And You Are Done!! This is how your site will look after Reign Geodirectory:

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House/Hotel Listing Page:

listings Website With GeoDirectory
listings Website With GeoDirectory

Geolocation Feature

Geolocation Feature
listings Website With GeoDirectory

Hotel Single Page

Hotel Single Page
listings Website With GeoDirectory

Photos Feature:

Photos Feature
listings Website With GeoDirectory

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Ready To Start Your Airbnb Like Website

Thus, Reign +Geodirectory is a perfect combination to help you create a home listing websites like Airbnb with features like listing pages, geolocation, categories, search options, signup/login, review ratings, adding photos and much more. You can also integrate any payment gateway plugin with your website and offer easy payment and withdrawal system to both hosts and guests.

So, ready to kickstart your hosting business with Reign?

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