Building Online Sustainability Communities

In today’s digital age, building online communities has become an effective way to bring like-minded individuals together and foster collaboration toward shared goals. One of the most important themes for such communities is sustainability – a topic that resonates with people who are passionate about environmental conservation, ethical living, and responsible consumption. In this article, we will explore how to create a robust online sustainability community using WordPress and the Reign WordPress Theme.

Creating Online Sustainability Community
Creating Online Sustainability Community

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Why WordPress and Reign WordPress Theme?

WordPress is a widely used content management system (CMS) that offers both flexibility and user-friendliness. Its extensive plugin ecosystem allows for the integration of various features without requiring extensive technical knowledge. When combined with a dedicated theme like Reign, designed specifically for building communities, you can create an engaging and feature-rich online platform.

Key Features of the Sustainability Community Website:

Member Profiles: Allow users to create detailed profiles showcasing their interests, expertise, and contributions to the sustainability community.

Groups: Enable users to form or join groups based on specific sustainability topics, projects, or geographical locations. This promotes focused discussions and collaborations.

Business Page: Provide a platform for sustainable businesses to showcase their products, services, and initiatives. This encourages community members to support ethical and eco-friendly businesses.

Private Chat: Implement a private messaging system to facilitate direct communication between community members, fostering connections and knowledge exchange.

Friend Connections: Allow users to connect with each other as friends, enhancing networking and relationship-building within the community.

Activity Stream: Create a dynamic activity feed that displays updates, posts, comments, and interactions within the community, ensuring members stay informed and engaged.

Monetization with Paid Membership: Offer premium features and content through a paid membership model. This not only sustains the community financially but also rewards dedicated members with exclusive benefits.

Dark Mode Layout: Provide a dark mode layout option to enhance user experience, especially during nighttime browsing.

Steps to Build the Sustainability Community Website:

Domain and Hosting: Choose a domain name that reflects the community’s purpose and values. Select a reliable hosting provider that supports WordPress installations.

Install WordPress: Set up WordPress on your hosting server. Many hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installations.

Install Reign WordPress Theme: Purchase and install the Reign WordPress Theme. This theme is specifically designed for creating communities and offers customizable layouts and features.

Install Required Plugins: Explore the WordPress plugin repository to find and install plugins that add the desired functionality, such as member profiles, groups, private chat, etc.

Customize the Theme: Use the customization options provided by the Reign theme to tailor the appearance and layout of your community website.

Configure Member Profiles: Set up member profile fields that capture relevant information about each user’s sustainability interests and contributions.

Create Group Sections: Define different sections for groups based on sustainability topics, regions, or projects. Allow users to join or create groups within these sections.

Integrate Business Pages: Develop a dedicated page template for sustainable businesses to showcase their offerings. Include sections for product listings, company descriptions, and contact information.

Implement Private Chat: Choose a reliable private messaging plugin that allows users to initiate one-on-one conversations or group chats.

Enable Monetization: Set up a membership plugin that offers different tiers of paid membership with varying access levels and benefits.

Implement Dark Mode: Integrate a dark mode plugin or use built-in options to provide a comfortable browsing experience in low-light conditions.

User Testing: Before launching the community website, thoroughly test all features to ensure smooth functionality and user-friendliness.


Creating an online sustainability community using WordPress and the Reign WordPress Theme offers a powerful platform for individuals passionate about environmental conservation and ethical living to connect, collaborate, and contribute towards a more sustainable world. By combining a range of features such as member profiles, groups, private chat, and paid memberships, you can provide an engaging and valuable online space for the community to thrive.

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