With the recent technical upheaval in information technology, our resources to create websites with comprehensive informatics technology have become quite common, and new websites have directory-like features to accommodate the growing information regarding listings, directories, and repositories have become common.

With WordPress, brands are at liberty to create any website that caters to the growing information and make it more compact by making directory websites to deliver information and data to users in general. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to create a directory website with WordPress.

What Is A Directory Website?

directory website

A directory website is a website that provides listings for a certain niche or domain. These websites can be made of any sphere such as listings related to all niches such as technicians healthcare or in more laymen terms a sort of a yellow book to provide comprehensive details about various services in a structured and organized directory form.

These Directories/ data repositories where users can filter information related to the niche and gain access to the same. Directory websites unlike other sites have more depth in terms of content and data, as well as the data stored on servers is frequently updated to provide new information about various facets of constantly changing information and data.

How To Create A Directory Website With WordPress?

  • Access to Front End Submissions

It is not just the duty of the website admin to set up data in the servers and keep them updated. Front-end submissions ensure that users can access data from the directory website. They can also enter and list their data as well to make the website more compatible and furnished.

The listings manually entered by admin and users can work wonders to generate traffic and make the website receive more attention in the long run.

This can be made possible by making a centralized dashboard that has the option of submission for both admin and users for the listing to go live and receive more feedback in return

  • User Interface

A compelling and easy-to-use interface goes a long way to creating a directory website with listings that are influential enough to make an impact on netizens and the general audience. A quality WordPress theme that delivers the best available output can make things easier for the brand directory website to gain traffic and users.

  • Search And Filter Options

Search And Filter Options

A great directory website usually harbors a function that enables the user to create manual searches related to the listing to make sure that the directory website provides them with the related result.

Let’s just say you are looking for a directory catering to essential plumbing services in the area, a smooth filter option will enable the users to have access to plumbers with geolocation and nearby areas to provide a list of available plumbing technicians and filter out all other irrelevant niches that are not related to your search. Active filter options will enable faster response and will ensure a smoother directory experience.

  • Responsive Design

A directory website has to be refined in terms of section-wise segregation and design to attract users and followers. A design that is responsive and takes minimum time to load is one such way to induce more traffic on the website. A directory website should possess a friendly user interface to ensure that the website does not include complex features and specifications that will make a user lose their interest before proceeding with the directory service.

  • Open For Customization

Generally, a good directory website usually is opened for generic alterations and changes which can transform the website at any given point to keep up with the world’s contemporary methodologies. The website should have basic settings that can always be configured to accommodate new data and information that needs to be stored to provide a new temperament to the website’s basic needs and requirements.

Essentials You Need To Begin With Your Directory Website

To get started with a directory website, few essentials need to be addressed before experimenting with the actual website and figuring out the way for listings and repositories.

  • Downloading WordPress Software

To make your website structure more ready and compact, firstly a user has to access and download WordPress software or access WordPress.org to make a rough outline of their website. Once the layout is ready, WordPress further offers alterations via its permanent drag and drop feature to fill out more vital information with ease.

  • Buy A Web Host

web host

A web host is an invisible powerhouse for a website that powers the site and allows the user to have an online presence. There are various web hosts available online like blue host where users can access different annual and monthly packages to purchase web hosts and get their website ready for live publishing and activity on the internet.

  • Buy A Distinguished Domain

A domain name is a personal name or address that your website will operate with and seek identification among various other websites on the internet. A domain name should be simple and short to remember and must have a distinctive quality to leave a lasting impression on the global audience.

  • A WordPress Theme

A theme is the most integral part of a website that can modify the entire website’s look and feel and make it more influential by embracing its core functionalities. A listing/directory website theme must cater to the listing profiles and employers’ details with precision and portray beautiful layouts and templates that can express the intention of a directory website.

How Can Reign Geodirectory WordPress theme Help You Create A Functional Directory Website?

Reign GeoDirectory theme is one of the most top-rated directory themes that comes with a wide variety of features to make a listing website productive and engaging. The website caters to WordPress Websites and has developed a compelling directory like Yelp and TripAdvisor for users who wish to create a professional repository of business essentials for the users and the brands.

Notable Features:

  • Advanced Search And Filter For Magnified Listings

JobMate theme comes with an engaging search feature where employees can search job listings labeled under various categories and get custom search listings with filtered data. The search bar can be utilized in horizontal and vertical bars to initiate quick search alternatives.

  • Create Top Class Business Directory

With Reign Geo Directory, users can create business directories with integrated Google map links to store valuable data. Make Yelp and TripAdvisor like websites with reign geo directory

  • Blogging

With Reign GeoDirectory theme, users can blog to keep the feather audience informed about various services and essentials and keep them hooked for more


  • Added Community Features

With Reign Geo directory, users can have access to Buddypress and BuddyBoss community features to make the website into a more intrinsic community that thrives and prospers on essential information and blogs

  • GamiPress To Make Things Fun and Engaging

Reign Geo Directory, comes with a social gamification feature that let the users have access to digital reward and certificates as well as coupons to keep addicted and engaged to the website’s core activities

  • Access to Easy Digital Downloads

With EDD, the Reign GeoDirectory theme can anytime sell potential services as products to people who are often on the lookout to buy online services and access things with simplicity and ease.


Directory websites can be proven extremely beneficial for brands who wish to create a customized website that utilizes the power of both manual and automated search. Hence investing a stake in websites that work on the directory/listing can be proven as a great investment in terms of revenue generation online with considerable traffic being accumulated on such websites that offer various job and yellow book details.

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