Have you ever desired that you could write and edit WordPress posts over your site’s front end? If so, you’re fortunate since WordPress front end editor plugins can turn that dream real.

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Frontend Editor Plugins

Through them, you, and likely other users within your site, may edit posts bypassing the back end WordPress dashboard.

This collection of WordPress front end editor plugins will aid to get you started. You’ll witness some page builders, along with a few non-page builder options which you may not have come across before.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Editus

Frontend Editor Plugins

Editus, previously termed as Lasso, is a WordPress front end editor from the very crew as the Aesop Story Engine plugin.

It’s perhaps the most streamlined, whole-featured front end content editor that you’ll get for WordPress – you’ll simply need to spend for it!

Editus allows you to input and edits text straight on the front end of your site. It is extremely simple to work with text employing Editus. However, it does not simply pertain to text.

By clicking the Plus icon, you can add:

  • Images
  • Quotes
  • “Characters”
  • Parallax effect
  • Video
  • Audio player
  • Editus image
  • Google Maps embed
  • When you include these elements, you obtain the latest front end options that allow you to manage them.
  • You can even manage post settings – such as modifying its status or URL slug.

Generally, the Editus interface seems simple to use. And if you’re simply seeking a strong WordPress front end post editor, it’s perhaps the finest of the lot.

Price: Begins at $99 for application on 3 sites, or $199 for utilization on unrestricted sites.

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2. Frontier Post

Frontend Editor Plugins
Frontend Editor Plugins

Frontier Post adopts a separate approach as compared to Editus. The nomenclature “front end editor” applies still, but it’s employing the term slightly differently.

While Editus focusses on allowing you to modify posts on your site’s front end, Frontier Post makes use of the standard WordPress editor on the front end for you and various users.

Entirely from your site’s front end, you’ll get to:

  • See your present posts or build the latest post
  • Pen content utilizing the TinyMCE editor, include tags and categories, etc.
  • Frontier Post Editor
  • This one doesn’t truly render the real editing process more intimate but is an excellent way to make users or clients stay away from the WordPress back end while still allowing them to design and modify content.
  • You also receive plenty of user permissions to manage precisely who can do what.

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3. WP Quick FrontEnd Editor

Frontend Editor Plugins
Frontend Editor Plugins

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor is a type of in-between Frontier Post and Editus.

Primarily, it provides you a toolbar button that you can hit to rapidly activate a front end text editor when you’re seeing a post. This editor isn’t much as visual like Editus, but is more smooth than Frontier Post and still includes few visual elements.

It’s truly useful for how fast it allows you to perform tweaks to your content without requiring to employ the back end. And since there’s no demarcated editing box, it, however, has some visual design features to it.

You obtain a quite comprehensive text editor, allowing the choice to:

  • Insert media employing the standard WordPress Media Library interface
  • Modify the title
  • Include, alter, or delete the post’s featured image
  • If you simply require an elementary WordPress front end editor that’s featherweight and chargeless, this one appears as a pretty nice option.

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4. Elementor

Frontend Editor Plugins

Elementor is greater of a total-service page builder than simply a WordPress front end editor. However, it contains one of the softest interfaces among page builders, so it constitutes a strong editor for posts in a hurry.

You can drag and put elements across the sidebar to include them to your page. And Elementor now backs inline text editing, so penning your content and formatting it is a jiffy.

The free version should work nicely for elementary front end editing, though the Pro version also includes a group of handy page building features, such as real theme building.

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5. Brizy

Frontend Editor Plugins

Similar to Elementor, Brizy is technically a page composer. However, Brizy’s nested visual editing expertise renders it ideal as a front end content editor.

While many page builders employ popups or sidebars to aid you style/manage elements, Brizy attempts to retain the maximum options probable in the nested editing experiment.

Here’s an instance – suppose you wish to insert a button to your creation. Generally, any different page builder would employ a popup or sidebar to manage that button. However, with Brizy, the experience is steady.

Further, it also displays a truly smooth embedded text editing expertise.

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6. Content Manager For WordPress

Content manager
Frontend Editor Plugins

The OTW Content Manager for WordPress lets you quickly design responsive layouts for your pages and posts. Use choices for personalized styling, 50+ shortcodes for simple page composing, front-end editing and even design your personal custom shortcodes to employ. Just add the page composing shortcodes, drag and drop them into position, perform fast style edits on the run and publish. It’s that simple!

For further options, Content Manager can be grouped with different OTW plugins like their Sidebar and Widget Manager or the Portfolio Manager Pro.

Main Features

  • Front & back end editing
  • 50 plus Shortcodes
  • Personalized sidebars

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7. Visual Composer

Best WordPress Frontend Editor Plugins
Frontend Editor Plugins

Visual Composer is well-known within the WordPress marketplace. It is a well-set plugin that allows themes to carry a backend page builder, and it is fairly nice! The plugin is launched by WP Bakery and a current update has also nested a front-end editor to the functionalities of the plugin.

The front-end editor presents WYSIWYG editor or “What you see is what you get”, and that’s incredible.

The front-end editor is fairly effective as it provides drag elements to the front-end. To render the plugin usage easy, color changes are employed in the elements for improved visual editing and quicker development.

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8. WP Front End Editor

Best WordPress Frontend Editor Plugins
Frontend Editor Plugins

WP Front End Editor has support for 4.3-alpha, which lets you guess how grave the developers are for this plugin. The WP Front End Editor is in progress for the previous 2 years and has undergone significant improvement.

Its features to modify the front-end content and save it without returning to the back end is what we truly require. The Front-End editor must be the next spot for a majority of the bloggers or WordPress junkies. The frequent swapping is simply not ideal for productivity.

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9. Live Composer

Best WordPress Frontend Editor Plugins
Frontend Editor Plugins

The final plugin on the list is Live Composer. The plugin is popular on CodeCanyon and there are plain reasons for the popular or trending tag. The front-end plugin presents more than 30 modules to operate with. You can modify, design potent front-end pages and ultimately edit them, as per your requirement.

You can include text, images, buttons and different elements to the front-end web post/page. The plugin is easy to utilize and you will not have to understand too much prior to beginning building your website from the front-end.

The plugin also presents a live preview of the actions occurring with every change. Since it presents separate designs and layout and 30 plus modules, it is among the certain options for front-end editing.

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Front-end editing is certainly emerging as among the most prevalent changes in the present WordPress development and marketplace. Numerous new players are being produced, the leading example might be Lasso, which is inspiring and contains plenty of potential.

On the contrary, free plugins are also meeting expectations and its just time that divides the users from a completely-functional front-end WordPress plugin.

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