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Web security has always been your major problem for all users across the web. As technology is increasing day by day, so is the security risk. Securing a website has become the top priority, and people are concerned day and night about their WordPress membership site. After all, it is all about your business reputation. 

WordPress Membership Site

For all the people who own and operate a membership site, we are here to guide them all on securing their website. To protect your and your member’s information, you must secure your membership website. A secure website is likely to gain the trust of members and will also increase revenue. 

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If you lack security, a hacker can easily dive into your website. He/she can extract all your financial information and data. People usually fill their site with tons of themes and plugins. Undoubtedly, they forget about the security of their WordPress membership site. 

We have already discussed how to create the membership site. Now let us have a look at the importance and tips of securing a membership website. 

Why Secure Your Membership Website?

Due to increased cybercrime cases, it is a must for every user to secure their membership site. Your site has sensitive information about you and your users. Hence, it is your responsibility to secure every piece of information. 

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Reasons For Securing Membership Website

  • Securing your site will help you increase the trust level among your members. 
  • Any hacker can access your website and can blackmail you or your users. Such an incident can degrade the reputation of your company.
  • It protects the financial information of every member. A new user will always look at the level of security of your website.
  • Moreover, a secure website can rank high in search engine results. 

Tips For Securing Your Membership Website

Membership Website

1. Secure Hosting

Hosting is a cloud where a website user stores all his data and information. People often select cheap hosting and neglect the security part. To avoid data breaches and hacks, you must select a dedicated and secure hosting platform. Always make sure that the host you select ensures protection from hackers. Further, the hosting platform must provide a proper backup facility in case of data loss. 

A new user should try to consult an expert to clear his/her queries regarding membership website security.

2. Keep On Updating Your Softwares and WordPress

Never miss a chance to update WordPress. With every update, WordPress addresses the bugs and fixes. An outdated website is much vulnerable compared to an updated one. Also, back up your website if you face any doubt. Apart from updating your website, you should also update your themes and plugins. Try to install themes and plugins from the best platform as they regularly work on the maintenance part.  

Delete the unused items and only keep the ones that you use. While downloading a plugin or theme, you can check out the last update. 

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3. Strong Password For Admin And Members

An admin or administrator of the membership website should create a strong password. The password should be a blend of upper-lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Alongside, you should also advise your members to keep a strong password. A hacker can easily access a profile with weak passwords. 

Another method is to add two-step verification to your membership website. Two-step authentication ensures extra security by generating mobile or email codes during login. You can find various plugins for adding two-step verification to your WordPress. A WordPress firewall plugin limits the number of logins from a particular IP.


Most people are unaware of the difference between HTTPS and HTTP. A website with HTTPS represents extra security. It is hard for a hacker to hack an HTTPS website. No doubt, every website on the web should use HTTPS instead of HTTP, especially the one with financial information such as credit and debit cards. 

HTTPS also helps in increasing the website ranking on the search engine. You just need to buy an SSL certificate that will convert your HTTP site into an HTTPS site. 

5. Erase Unnecessary Data

Membership Website

Keep your site free from unnecessary data. Only keep the data and information that is of use. Worthless data can be quite helpful for hackers. They can access and use the data to blackmail or bribe anyone associated with your membership website.  

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6. Restrict Specific Areas On Your Site

Your membership site will have a room for paid members and another room for unpaid users. As an admin, you should create a wall between these two areas. 

For this, you need a plugin to create login and sign-up forms. After login and payment, the registered page will convert into the profile page.

7. Frequent Scanning Of Your Website

Irrespective of the nature of the website, an admin should always scan his/ her website. Your site may look perfect, but there could be chances of hacking. For instance, you can use scanning software to protect your website from hackers. A dedicated scanning software shows your website health and also provides solutions to all the problems.


Mambership community site

It is important to secure your membership site. To get yourself safe from hackers, ensure the above points. A secure website will always increase your credibility and will drive traffic to your website. A new user is likely to test your security level before paying you for the content. 

Look for a good company while purchasing an SSL & TLS certificate. For further guidance, you can contact us. Our highly trained professionals and experts will guide you on making a membership website to secure it. 

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