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Online learning has become a worldwide phenomenon since last year. It feels like everyone has something to teach, and everything can be taught. From hobbies to academic subjects, people are teaching everything online.

Online Academy

So, if you are looking to jump on that train and teach something of your own- this is the place to be. You can create an online academy just by following these easy steps.

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1. Find the right platform

The first decisions you need to make as an online academy owner/educator are which platform you will choose. You need to pick one which is accessible to your audience/students. The ease of use for you and the learners should also be a factor. There are a lot of options out there.

You can get access to the best plugins in some of them as educators worldwide to use them. The ability to take different types of tests is also essential. 

2. Decide the topics

Now, you need to pick the topics that you are going to teach. You can make this decision as per your experience, knowledge, and plan of selling the courses. For example, if you are looking to create an academy for mid-school students, you can develop topics on school subjects. On the other hand, if you are a marketing professional and want to teach SEO tips, your online academy can be on those subjects. 

Overall, these topics will help you reach a particular type of audience. Also, the type and style of content will be dependent on them.

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3. Create the courses


You have decided the topics, you have selected the platform. Now, it is time to get on to the practical aspects. You need to go and build an academy website with the platform of your choice. You need to pick suitable templates and get used to the user interface.

Then, you can see whether the platform provides you with any help regarding creating the course. If it does, you can start trying your hand and testing the platform.

For the content part of the courses, you will need to divide them into sections and subsections; then, you can create presentations of graphics that you will need to depict throughout the system or a particular area. Next, you can write a script, and then if you are fluent with it, you can record it.

It is best suggested to take some suggestions from learners themselves or other educators while editing the content. You can also visit competitors’ websites to make some observations- then, you can edit and upload the content.

4. Make assignments

Once you have created the content, you can develop questions and assignments for the same. You will need to see what type of assessment is available on your platform. It can be create a section as well as whole course based-assessments and assignments.

You can also see if your platform allows you to create mandatory assessments or if you can put a minimum limit of marks required to open a particular section. This will force the learners to actively gain the value you have put in and insight into how learners have fared for a specific area. 

5. Use the customizations

There are a lot of customizations and plugins available on such platforms. You need to make the most out of them. Some of them can be related to taking feedback from the customers- which is very important.

There can also be an option for the learners to see their progress or set goals. This will help them gain a much more personalized experience and feel valued as they might want to participate much more energetically.

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6. Decide the prices and find the audience & sell


This is the commercial part of the process. First, you need to find an audience, make a budget for advertisement, set a price, and start selling the product. Now, this seems easy, and it looks like there are just a few decisions to be made.

But you need to put a lot of research into these results. You can use various websites to get data about your target audience and then make a strategy to reach them. According to that strategy, make decisions related to promotions and pricing.

Conclusion of online academy

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You can create an academy of your own with ease. However, you need to keep in mind that is- make it as if you are the learner and make everyone add value to the learner, and try to deliver your content in an as smooth manner as possible.

Promotion of the academy is as essential as creating it. If you fail to reach the right audience or impact them, it will be a considerable problem- so take careful steps around that area. 

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