Create an online course website like Udemy Using Reign Theme

The E-learning industry has reached new heights as more and more learners can now learn with the help of the internet. Smart e-learning websites and portals are becoming popular nowadays.

Online Course Website Like Udemy

This is simply because people are finding it more affordable and convenient to learn in the comfort of their homes. Taking an online course is much less costly and comfortable as compared to attending training institutes which sometimes charge exorbitant rates. Sites like Udemy have become successful as they offer almost every type of online course at affordable prices. If you are also planning to create an e-learning portal of your own that offers you features like Udemy, choosing a platform like WordPress can be an ideal option for you. Wondering how?
Let us tell you more about it further in the article.

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What Exactly Is Udemy?

One of the most popular largest online learning platform, Udemy allows you to get access to a plethora of courses online. It is a massively open online course (MOOC) platform where anyone can create and promote courses. Learners can learn any course to earn credit and technical certification or to improve various job-related skills.
Currently, Udemy offers over 130,000 courses that are taught by expert instructors.

How Do E-learning Websites Like Udemy Work?

When you will google for top e-learning portals, you will see websites like Udemy, Coursera, Khan Academy, edX ruling the e-learning industry. But how do these websites work? What features do they offer to engage more and more learners? Let’s take a reference to the most famous e-learning platform, Udemy.

Udemy offers these major features:

1. Offering courses online:

Offering courses online
Online Course Website Like Udemy

Udemy offers education to its users by offering online courses. Each Udemy course consists of lectures that can include videos, text, slides and any other additional resource. It also allows instructors to add a quiz, practise tests, assignments, and coding exercises as well.

2. Variety And Affordability Of Courses:

Variety And Affordability Of Courses
Online Course Website Like Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of courses by linking instructors from all around the world. Thus, the variety of subjects and topics one will get on Udemy is extensive. So, students can learn whatever they wish to learn online.
Furthermore, the courses offered by Udemy are a lot affordable. These start from as little as $9. They also offer a variety of discounts and seasonal offers. Students can also choose their preferred method of payment. A student can easily create a profile and enrol in a course by visiting the course page of the related course.

3. Offering certification

Online Course Website Like Udemy Using Reign
Online Course Website Like Udemy

When a learner completes his or her course on Udemy, he is awarded a certificate of achievement that he can share or print out. In addition to this, these certificates can also be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly from their Udemy account. This allows students to improve their resume by attaching these certificates to show their skills.

4. Search categorization and recommendation:

Course Search categorization and recommendation
Online Course Website Like Udemy

Udemy offers search categorization and recommendation features to the visitors. With the help of various categories and subcategories such as Development, Business, Music, Finance, etc, a user can easily search what the want to learn. Furthermore, if you have a specific topic in mind, you can simply type it in the search bar. Udemy also offers personalized recommendations based on your answers to some of its questions.

5. User Profile:

With the help of sign up, users get their profile which they can use to manage their courses. They can update their profile info such as their profile picture, payment methods, and other account-related info. An instructor will also get his profile where a user can see their ratings, reviews, number of students, courses, about and more.

6. Payment System Integration:

Create an online course website like Udemy Using Reign Theme
Online Course Website Like Udemy

Udemy also allows students to purchase courses with payment system integration, where students can add their courses to cart, save them for later or purchase them right away. They get options to pay by card, PayPal, net banking or any other method.

How Can You Create A Website Like Udemy?

Every e-learning website might differ with each other based on design but there are still a few basic functions that all of them offer. Three major functions that all these sites offer include:

  • Online course creation and selling
  • User Interaction
  • Certification
  • Payment System Integration

The best way according to us is to create an e-learning website via the most popular CMS WordPress. This popular platform offers a variety of features that allows you to create a fully-functional educational website like Udemy without having to indulge in coding. WordPress offers various themes and plugins which offer the required design and functionality to create almost any type of website.

Let us know what steps you need to follow to create a website like Udemy:

1. Setting Up WordPress

WordPress Dashboard
Online Course Website Like Udemy

First things first, you will require a WordPress website to get started with your e-learning website. You will firstly need a domain name, WordPress hosting, and a WordPress website.
You can do so with the help of hosting providers that offer hosting services at very affordable rates. Your hosting provider will offer you a domain name, a hosting account and will also install WordPress via their hosting interface.
So, we have a basic structure of a website set up. Let us move forward by giving the needed design and functionality to your e-learning website.

2. Installing Required LMS Plugin

Create an online course website like Udemy Using Reign Theme
Online Course Website Like Udemy

Before giving the needed design, let us first discuss the functionality of your e-learning website and how will you acquire such functionality. Such functionality can be acquired by LMS plugins that WordPress offers. A very popular LMS plugin that WordPress offers when it comes to creating an e-learning website is LearnDash.

LearnDash is an amazing Learning Management System plugin that allows you to create an e-learning website with all the features that Udemy offers. You can simply get the plugin from their official website and if you want to add more functionality, you can purchase its premium add-ons. For example, if you want to allow your students to take notes of courses, you can buy LearnDash Notes add on.

LearnDash offers various features such as:

1. Create Online Courses, Lessons And Topics
2. Selling Online Courses in memberships, bundles, licenses, etc.
3. Administration features such as User Profiles, Email Notifications, Group Management and more.
4. Creating and Managing Assignments
5. Insert any media such as audio, video, images and more.
6. Compatibility With Mobile
7. Award Certificates & Badges
8. Content Scheduling

Other than the above-mentioned features, this plugin offers many useful features that you can find in detail here.

3. Installing A Compatible WordPress Theme

Reign Learnmate LearnDash

Now is the time to convert your WordPress website into an e-learning website with the needed design and features. We would suggest you to got with Reign Learnmate Theme by Wbcom Designs. Reign Learnmate LearnDash is a robust solution that is enough to give your website the feel and functionality of Udemy.
Furthermore, this theme is fully compatible with the LearnDash plugin and offers dedicated support for it.

It allows you to create a professional-looking e-learning website with the power of WordPress and LearnDash. This theme is easy to customize and offers multiple colour schemes to choose from. With two mobile panels, this theme also makes your website completely mobile-friendly.

Some useful features of this theme include:

1. Course Grid and Listing Layout Options for easy course navigation.
2. Course Review Module to allow students to share their reviews regarding courses.
3. Distraction-Free Reading feature to allow your students to go through lessons without any distraction.
4. Course Coming soon and related course
5. Ready To Use LearnDash Pages and Demos
6. Dedicated Extra Widgets for LearnDash plugin
7. Compatibility With Popular Plugins Like BuddyPress, WooCommerce, bbPress, Easy Digital Downloads, Paid Membership Pro and many more.

You can simply purchase this theme from here and upload it on your WordPress website.
Here is how your site and each page of your site will look once it is all set with the help of our demos:

4. Popular Courses:

popular courses

5. Course Listing Grid Layout

Course Listing Grid

6. Single Course Page:

Single course page

7. Single Lesson Page

Learnmate single lesson page


8. Start Monetizing With Your E-learning Website

Creating a website like Udemy with all the features it offers is not difficult if it is created with the right combination of WordPress theme and plugin. Being the most popular in the market LearnDash plugin offers you almost every feature that a website like Udemy needs. For design, we have recommended Reign Theme as it offers you dedicated layout and options for LearnDash so that you can create a fully compatible, responsive and functional e-learning website.


We hope you liked this article on creating an e-learning website like Udemy. Please let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.

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