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Are you looking for the best social media plugins for your WordPress website?
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But what should you look for in a social share plugin?

Your social share plugin should have the necessary features and should enhance the performance and the look of your website. It should improve the overall user experience. You should decide which social media should be displayed on your website and how. Deciding these things beforehand can lead to better execution of your plugin.

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Social Share Plugins for WordPress

Did you know that adding and using social media can improve your SEO rankings

Your social profiles can influence your ranking on search results. It makes your brand seem approachable and fun, personal and leads to higher engagement. Your website should focus on building relationships and sharing ideas. In today’s world, you have to make your website an enjoyable place for your visitors!

Why do you need to add social share buttons to your website:

  1. It helps in growing your traffic.
  2. Facilitates an increase in your post-exposure.
  3. Helps in growing your networks.
  4. Boosts your SEO.
  5. Improves user experience.

Finding an ideal social share plugin for your brand becomes overwhelming once you realize the number of plugins available in the market. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best plugins that can be installed without much hassle!

Let’s begin so you can increase your social shares in no time!

1. Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin:

Social Share Plugins for WordPress
Social Share Plugins for WordPress

This plugin was built to cover all necessities concerning social share for your website and provides you with more shares. It gives you a bigger exposure and viral visitors. Some notable features include multiple sharing buttons, different display showcases, follower buttons, social content locker, and so on. Moreover, it has a fantastic support team that is ever ready to cater to all your needs. It provides you with around 60 sharing options for your website! You can customize it according to your needs and build an amazing website that will lead to more engagement!

If you want to know more about this plugin, click here.

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2. SocialPress – Social Share Plugin :

Social Share Plugins for WordPress
Social Share Plugins for WordPress


SocialPress allows you to put buttons and facilitates sharing your content easily. It supports a plethora of social networks. With its beautiful styles and multiple display modes, this plugin aims to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. Lastly, this plugin is simple to use and you can drag, drop, and sort your social networks as per your requirements.

Click here to know more.

3. Social Buzz WordPress Plugin – Social Share Graphs:

Social Buzz
Social Share Plugins for WordPress


If you are looking for a social share plugin that is quick to install and helps you post social-share counts in the form of graphs and highlights, look no further. This plugin is meant to quickly and easily improve share rates. It has three different style settings, beautiful share buttons, lightweight code and so much more. Install it right away and customize it accordingly! Social Buzz also provides you with excellent support.

To know more, click here.

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4. Social Share for Elementor WordPress Plugin:

Social Share
Social Share Plugins for WordPress

Social Share is an add-on for Elementor. With 5 different styles, options for custom colors, animations with 200+ effects, this responsive plugin is a must-have. It increases your social shares and leads to higher engagement and conversions. Its widgets are highly useful and the pool of features it provides makes your whole experience much better and attractive.

Check it out here.

5. Socializr Social Share Toolbar WordPress Plugin:

Social Share Plugins for WordPress
Social Share Plugins for WordPress


This is the only share toolbar you need for your website! It is responsive, fully customizable, and manages your social network reach conveniently. The plugin has over 17 networks. With it, you can fully customize your icons, backgrounds, texts, layouts and so much more. Enjoy unlimited choices and create your icons on your website.

To know more about the features of Socializer, click here.

6. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress:

easy social
Social Share Plugins for WordPress

This is the most powerful and features packed social media plugin for your WordPress website. It is feature-packed and has everything you need to connect your website to your social media accounts. It is highly flexible, comprehensive, and intuitive. With this plugin, you give your visitors a fast and effective way of engaging with your content and enable easy sharing. Moreover, it is compatible with over 50 social networks and offers stunning design options. It also provides you with insightful analytics and has a first-class support team.

Check out this plugin, here.

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7. AccessPress Social Pro:

Social Share Plugins for WordPress
Social Share Plugins for WordPress

Share your website content on major social media channels with this plugin. It is a premium plugin that allows you to share your website content and display social account fans, subscribers, and follower numbers. It has 25 new social share templates and 8 new social share media. It encourages more visitors to join your network and makes your website social-share-friendly and increases your website’s social reach dramatically!

To know more, click here.

8. Epic Social Share Button for WordPress :

Social Share Plugins for WordPress
Social Share Plugins for WordPress

With 7 share positions, 15 share buttons, 2 color schemes, high responsiveness, drag, and drop button order, this social share plugin has it all. You can add share buttons easily and use social media to increase your visitors. It makes sharing ultra-easy and has an eye-catching share button that encourages people to share.

Know more, here.

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Final Words

We hope this article has helped you in finding the best social share plugin for your website. The world lives on social media and it is only smart if you too add your social media accounts on your website. Your social media strategy should be effective and robust. Go on and utilize the full potential of the plugins you choose! All the best!

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