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Social networking site have gained popularity worldwide, and thus building their social network has become one of the most popular online businesses today. There are platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Twitter, which have millions of users worldwide, and the founders of the media have made quite a fortune for themselves.

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Social Networking Site

This has sparked the interest of many entrepreneurs in the world as they feel that they have a specific value to add to the market, and if you are one of those entrepreneurs, here are the steps you should follow to reach the desired results.

1. Find your customers

The first thing for any business, be it online or offline, is always to figure out the type of audience they are targeting. Facebook might be famous among all kinds of people these days, and it may be used by 2 billion people worldwide, but it made its way by hitting the right audience first, which was the young people of that specific area.

Also, these days the competition for social media platforms has gotten very intense, and people are split among many. So, to make a wave and bring some sustainable audience- you will need to target a particular and niche audience. 

This audience will be your target for making the other decisions as well.

2. Decide the features & unique functions

Now, this is where it gets tricky. You need your platform to be unique but also usable by the expected audience. So, you will need to bring some newer and lesser-known features and functions and have the most popular and sought-after features among the already existing popular websites.

Having a unique feature or style can be helpful- you can take the example of TikTok & Snapchat- they both got famous because of their unique characteristics. Later, that feature was eventually taken up by other platforms. 

3. Get the technology

Building a social media platform- you need to be sound in terms of technology. You need safety and security protocols to be in place, and you need to have working and adaptable software.

You need to bring in some well-experienced web developers for this process. They will need to build the whole platform making sure that the users can browse conveniently and without fear of having any information leaked. 

4. Build Social Networking Site Using WordPress

Social Networking
Social Networking Site

In the market, there are various tools available that help you start your social networking site. You can use a website builder or an open-source platform like WordPress, website builders make your site ready in some simple steps, but they don’t give you complete control over your website. On the other hand, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system platform that offers you complete controllability over your website. 

Using WordPress, you can build a stunning social networking or online community website; it has various plugins that allow you to add social networking features like member profiles, groups, activity feed, messaging, and many more. Some popular and leading social networking plugins are BuddyPress, PeepSo, BuddyBoss Platform.

5. Navigation & structure

It is a part of the web & app development process itself. It would help if you decided on how the different dots on the platform will connect. How will users navigate, and what feature will appear where.

It sounds simple, but it needs to be looked into with profound attention. The users might be repelled if they have any inconvenience, primarily that almost everyone is used to a specific type of structure.

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Design Your Social Networking Site With WordPress Theme

Remember you needed to make a few decisions based on your audience? One of them is design- the color, the logo, the different pages, the notifications- all the visual part of the app. You need to carefully make this decision by looking at the preferences of your target audience. 

For this purpose, you should first decide on a plugin that fits your goal, then choose a compatible WordPress theme to ready your site in few minutes by just importing the theme sample data. All you have to do is just simple customization according to your needs. We recommend going with BuddyPress and its compatible themes like Reign BuddyPress or BuddyX.

1. Test your Site

Test your Site
Social Networking Site

Your design, navigation, features, safety, and security- you need to check all of that. You can find a few volunteers from your target audience or look for similar people you know- friends and family. Ask them their experiences via polls and questions. This will help you a lot in making some decisions of conflict.

You can also hire a firm for WordPress website maintenance services; this makes your sites always bug-free and supports digital growth.

2. Manage Bugs

Once you have gotten results of what people’s experience was and what they liked or did not like- you can go and make amends. Especially the technical amends. You need to make sure that your platform is bug-free at the time of launch.

If you can perform this right- chances are your platform would be enjoyable for the people you are targeting. This process depends on how much time, effort, and precision you put into it. Your execution will be responsible for a big part of how the result comes.

3. Promote

You know the audience, made the platform and fixed the issues- now, promote. It would help if you opened up and spread the word about the app. Go to the channels that your target audience uses and bring them to your platform and try coming up with some content that makes them stay.

Conclusion of Social Networking Site

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Social media is not a new business- it is wildly fierce, and you need to be excellent with your decisions, type of technology and have something unique to come up with something that will make waves in this industry. A perfect way to step in is to target a specific audience and then diversify.

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