Are you looking for the top WordPress Google maps plugin? WordPress has great support for Google Maps. There are many WordPress plugins on the market that help you to integrate it into your website. WordPress Google Maps allows you to create more advanced maps with multiple locations. These plugins allow you to add maps with filter and search options to your WordPress website.

WordPress Google Maps plugin helps you to expose your business locations to your visitors. Most of these plugins come with free templates for inserting Google Maps.

Top WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Here, we are going to mention some of the best WordPress Google maps Plugins to help you find the best one that meets your needs.

1. Weblizar – WordPress Google Maps Plugin


Weblizar is a modern WordPress Google Maps plugin designed to create map skins, display multiple routes, add custom shapes and you can also add your own locations on your site. It has been purchased over 10,590 times by potential users. You can also overlay colored shapes and lines on your maps to convey specific messages to your visitors.

Weblizar is a super easy plugin with no iFrames.

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2. WordPress Google Maps

WordPress Google maps plugin



WordPress Google Maps is a popular and best-selling premium Google Maps plugin. It comes with multiple maps that expand to fill your screen. Visitors can use their location as a start or end point for directions and add their own markers to maps. They can also switch to street view without leaving your site. You can also display blog posts on maps.

It handles multiple locations and multiple maps and has great documentation within the admin area. You are allowed to display detailed information about each location marker, along with options for displaying and calculating directions. Markers are filterable by categories, custom fields, and more.

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3. 10Web Google Maps

WordPress Google maps plugin

10Web Google Maps is a powerful WordPress plugin that lets you insert maps into your content using shortcode, or integrate maps into your website design using PHP. It comes with a helpful store locator function along with the ability to draw your own shapes. You can change the map setting including map type, zoom level, controls, layers and more.

If you want to add extra features go with 10Web Google Maps premium version. It is affordable for every user. The plugin also supports multiple locations, related/categorized locations, map layers, marker, map pin links, directions and more.

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4. Google Maps Easy

Google Map Easy

Google Maps Easy is another popular WordPress plugin that comes with free as well as premium version. It includes unlimited maps and location makers. There are also some cool map features, such as the ability to draw on the map, search within a specific radius and display geolocation automatically.

This free version includes an easy to use live map builder, unlimited markers, support for media descriptions, customizable options and an easy to use shortcode to insert your maps on your website. Its marker clustering and categories come with great functionality that you will get for free. This plugin is compatible with most themes and mobile devices.

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5. Google Maps Widget

WordPress Google maps plugin
WordPress Google Maps Plugin

Google Maps Widget is the best and freemium WordPress plugin designed to add a map locator on your website. This plugin will let you add a single location marker to each map. You can even link the map to a specific URL. It will take you to a larger interactive map when you click on the link.

It is a fast loading WordPress plugin. Its premium version allows you to add multiple location markers and also create unlimited maps. There are a dozen map types and map styles available, which gives you a lot of flexibility so that you can choose what types of maps you want to create.

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6. Maps Marker Pro

Map Maker

Maps Marker Pro is a useful and handy WordPress Google map plugin which provides an amazing way to integrate location on your site. You need to wait for hours to set-up; it takes only minutes to create a map. It works with Google Maps, Open Street Map, Mapbox and custom WMTS-maps.

This plugin is extremely easy to use. It provides a great option for advanced users who want detailed control over pretty much every aspect of how their maps function. It allows you to easily add a Google Map in your sidebars or any other widget ready areas of your site.

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7. Simple Google Maps Shortcode

Simple Google

Simple Google Maps shortcode is one of the simplest WordPress Google Maps plugins. It works with a variety of mapping systems including Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, and Bing Maps are all compatible. You can quickly embed a map for your desired location with the help of shortcode. This plugin offers fully featured APIs if you want to create a custom app or integrate your own third party services.

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8.  Store Locator

Store Locator
WordPress Google Maps Plugin

Store Locator is best and easy to use WordPress Google Maps plugin that allows you to insert maps into your website using a shortcode. This plugin can be used to create maps that display stores near the user’s location. You can easily define the map address and your Google Maps API key on your site with this plugin. All features give you some flexibility on how your map looks.

There are various attributes for changing the width and height of your map, disabling mouse wheel scrolling and disabling map controls. It has a large control panel that allows shoppers to change how the map looks and what’s displayed.

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The above are some of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins. Each of these plugins is rich in interesting features. Choose the best out of the above plugin that completely suits your needs. Which theme among them do you prefer the most? Please let us know in the comment box.

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