Best WP Job Manager Addons

WP Job Manager takes care of how the website works. WP Job Manager is a lightweight open-source Job Board plugin for WordPress. This plugin is maintained by Automatics, the very company that handles WordPress. With such strong support and contribution from the finest minds in WordPress, WP Job Manager is the best Job Board plugin for WordPress.

WP Job Manager Addons

The following are some of the best WP Job Manager Addons for sprucing up your Joboard website.

1. BP Job Manager

buddypress job manager

This BuddyPress extension is for including Job Manager in the user profile (for BuddyPress). Certainly, it requires BuddyPress, and WP Job Manager as the base plugin. Next, it will insert add job dashboard, jobs and post a job tab to the user profile. If your site possesses these plugins:

  • WP Job Manager – Applications
  • WP Job Manager – Bookmarks
  • WP Job Manager – Resume Manager
  • WP Job Manager – Job Alerts

Then it is also compliant with them. It will build a different section for Resume Manager same Jobs, where you can submit a resume. It also has a resume dashboard and resume listings.

This plugin does the following:

  1. Integrates BuddyPress with the WP Job Manager plugin by building particular tabs in employers’ and candidates’ profiles,
  2. Resume manager permits candidates to insert many resumes, employing BuddyPress Resume Manager. You have the option to show your latest resume in your BuddyPress Profile. It also permits to selection of the resume fields which should be seen on the BuddyPress Profile page.
  3. Permit to enable user roles to post jobs.
  4. Apply to facilitate user roles to apply for jobs.

We can also perform an alert and bookmark from the User profile. Applications can also be made to a job from a user profile.

It also includes the job and resume in the BuddyPress Activity Feed.

BP Job Manager: Smooth integration of WP Job Manager To BuddyPress. WP Job Manager doesn’t have social features. Here we are joining WP Job Manager and BuddyPress to obtain a Social Job Board

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2. Reign WP Job Manager Addon

wp job manager

Design a job board website on WordPress employing our sophisticated and feature-loaded Reign WP Job Manager Add-on.

Designing a job listing website has never been simpler with Jobmate – the simplest to use job board theme present. Build a community of employers and prospective employees, utilize the power of BuddyPress.

Easy live searching and filtering make discovering relevant jobs simpler than ever.

A wholly customizable homepage implies you manage the layout of your website with the aid of dynamic widgets.

Levy a fee for job listings, and effectively monitor and accept submissions. Outstanding support.

Sidebars offered by Reign WP Job Manager Addon

Reign WP Job Manager Addon offers 4 separate sidebars where you can place any widget.

  1. Job Archive Sidebar
  2. Resume archive Sidebar
  3. Single Job
  4. Single Resume Sidebar


  • Multiple Job Listing Types
  • Advanced Live Searching & Filtering Option
  • Multiple Header Variations
  • Embeddable Job Listing
  • Multiple Resumes Listing Types
  • Job Manager Map Settings
  • Wholly Gutenberg ready
  • Different job and resume widgets
  • Optimized Mobile Menu Panel
  • Color & Typography Options

3. WPJM Extra Fields


Inserts Salary and Vital Information extra fields to the WP Job Manager plugin. Both are in the front end for Job Submissions along with the back end for Job Listing management.

WPJM Extra Fields – Includes extra fields to WP Job Manager job listings. Installing this plugin adds new Salary and Important Information fields to the default Job Listing functionality that WP Job Manager offers. This latest data will be shown in 3 places:

During the Post a Job submission flow, for recent job listings (this will also display complete during the job preview, prior to approval):

The same information will be entered (and is editable) on the Job details meta box, in your administrator dashboard.

Installation and Setup

An active install of WP Job Manager on your site is needed for this plugin to operate.

No further setup is needed, simply install and activate the plugin under Plugins>Add New to view the new extra fields.

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4. Matador Jobs


Matador Jobs comprises a tool that utilizes your Bullhorn data to design an interactive, custom job board on your WordPress-driven company website. Reach and present any candidate or job field through Bullhorn’s private API, get applications from candidates, and present your jobs with complete search engine optimization including optimization for Google for Jobs Search. Matador operates automatically behind-the-scenes to update your site so you just need to bother about managing your data in one place: on Bullhorn.

Design A Custom Job Board

Following a 5-minute install, host a custom job board on your website;

Job details are sourced straight from your Bullhorn data, instantly;

Visitors can access strong searches, permitting them to target found jobs easily;

Offers job details in a manner that is optimized for Google Jobs search, SEO, and similar tools;

Supports entire Bullhorns’s custom fields.

Multi-language tools built, restricted translations are already prepared to ship,

Further customization and features are present for “Pro” users, including affording options to users to subscribe to email job alerts, backing for leads or referrals, besides more.


  • Customizable Look & Feel
  • Graceful out-of-the-box design
  • Extensible, Developer Friendly
  • Bug Fixes and Documentation

As you upgrade to Matador Jobs Premium or Pro, an option can be established to store applicant data locally, which is suggested for quicker application processing and data duplication, but thereby qualifies as stored data under the GDPR.

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5. Elementor Connector For WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager Addons

Elementor Connector for WP Job Manager comprises a plugin that inserts design/layout widgets to your Elementor-driven website. This permits you to tweak the design and layout of whole pages in WP Job Manager, including:

  • The Job Submission form
  • The job listings search form
  • The job dashboard
  • The job preview page (Requires Dynamic Visibility for Elementor)
  • The single job listing page (Requires Elementor Pro)
  • The job edit page (Requires Dynamic Visibility for Elementor)

It’s the ideal Elementor extension to customize your WordPress Job Board!


  • Elementor Compatible
  • All Job Listings
  • Theme Independent
  • No Coding Skills
  • Single Job Template
  • Job Submission
  • Conditional Widgets
  • Elementor Pro

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6. Google Indexing API For WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager Addons

Google designed its Indexing API so as to inform Google Jobs instantly when a job is posted or deleted from a job board.

The API permits you to PUSH notifications that you have published the latest job or deleted a filled job for Google to add/remove your jobs right away.

Employing this, when you post a job it is added to the Google Job Search results almost immediately, affording you a crucial advantage

Likewise, filled jobs are removed quickly and are no longer indexed in Google. So job-seekers should never finish on a 404 page.

When you apply the Google Indexing API for the WP Job Manager Plugin, you don’t need to wait for Google to hover around to crawl your site and include your jobs in their job search index. It occurs automatically then and there.

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7. Jetpack

WP Job Manager Addons

Performance, security, and site management: the finest way to WordPress is with Jetpack. Jetpack is your site’s security detail, protecting you from brute-force invasions and unauthorized logins. Basic protection is entirely free, while premium plans include expanded backup and automated fixes. Jetpack’s complete suite of site security tools comprises:

  • Brute-force attack safeguarding, spam filtering, and downtime monitoring.
  • Backups of your complete site, either once every day or in real-time.
  • Malware scanning, code scanning, and instant threat resolution.
  • Secure login, with optional two-factor certification
  • Quick, priority support from WordPress experts
  • A record of each change on your site to ease troubleshooting.

Powerful Search

Jetpack’s Instant Search feature offers your site an amazingly powerful search feature with a switch flip. It’s driven by a super-fast Elasticsearch API your site interacts with directly and the results algorithm is dependent on intelligent matter like popularity and recency.


  • Stats
  • Jetpack Comments
  • Subscriptions
  • VaultPress
  • Mobile Theme
  • Auto-Publicize Feature
  • Widget Visibility
  • Website Uptime Monitor
  • Carousel
  • CSS Stylesheet Editor

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Job board plugins aren’t among the most common kinds of WordPress extensions. However, the ones that are present provide amazingly robust feature sets. The proper plugin enables you to build advanced job boards, handle hundreds of listings, and also get paid for it.These WordPress job board plugins and themes don’t require you to reinvent the wheel when designing your website.

You can design a simple job board, or a sturdy all-in-one applicant tracking system employing these tools at your disposal.

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